FCC Slurry Stripper



Provided front end development and multi-discipline detailed design for modifications to the main fractionator in a Refinery FCC unit, to allow for the recovery of additional, higher value LCO from the low value slurry stream off the main fractionator bottoms.The project increased LCO production and decreased slurry production by approximately 900 BPD, and gave the refinery the option to recover more distillate range product to the HDS or directly to diesel blending.Some of the major equipment in this project included:

  • New Slurry Stripper vessel, including internals and platforms
  • Main Fractionator 10” nozzle addition (TAR)
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (steam generator)
  • Two (2) new slurry product pumps
  • Nine (9) new piping systems
  • Controls and instrumentation system

Provided process engineering; detailed mechanical engineering, piping design and drafting, including extensive stress analysis; structural engineering and design; electrical and instrumentation design and engineering; survey and laser scanning in support of the development of a 3-D model; project management, and project controls.