Estimating and Scheduling

Wink offers a full range of Project Controls services including planning and scheduling, earned value progress measurement, cost control, estimating change management, risk management, and project reporting. Various industry tools and techniques are utilized and highlighted below.

Project Planning / Scheduling: Provide resource-loaded, logic-driven schedules and analytical support using Critical Path Management (CPM) techniques. Primavera Project Planner (P3.1 and 6.1) is the Wink standard for project scheduling. We also use Microsoft’s Project Planner as a scheduling system at the client’s request.

Earned Value Progress-Measurement: Track and update deliverables using our in-house manhour database system. Using budgeted manhours from cost estimates, all deliverables are progressed against established milestones and progress calculated using earned value methodology.

Cost Control: Utilize earned value, deliverable-based progress reporting through our in-house proprietary database connected to Accounting system. We can report actual project costs against budgets and forecast remaining project costs to calculate the estimate at complete (EAC).

Estimating: Track, report and forecast engineering costs at a discipline level via our in-house cost tracking system.  We can provide Total Installed Cost (TIC) project estimates accompanied by resource-loaded schedules utilizing Icarus (IPM) Estimating Software and Construction Industry Specification (CIS) commercial estimating formats.

Change Management: Utilize standard industry change control practices by defining the original project budget then tracking project changes and incorporating approved project changes to the original budget to create the current budget. Change orders and budgets are reported on all project cost reports.

Risk Management: Utilizes various risk management techniques over the course of the project including quantitative and qualitative tools. A risk register can be developed and maintained over the life of the project.

Project Reporting: Project reports are prepared at regular intervals and provide details on the progress achieved during a current reporting period and compared to previous periods to identify trends and variances. Also, project cost and schedule information are integrated and presented at summary and detailed levels.